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VR android using Unity & Google VR SDK

posted Dec 11, 2017, 2:23 AM by Tedy Junaidi


VR Become one of favorite device for company profile or games. Unity as a big engine provide for many platform and one of them is VR for android. It so easy if you want to create VR if you want to use them without any event handler.


I have a template to create a design. If you want to the model you can ask me.

So, I have a terrain and boat but water and tree I got from template package that unity had provide. And I have created animation that boat is round a lake.

Put GameObject as a child of boat. Put GameObject upper from boat. And put camera position is 0,0,0 and rotation is 0,0,0. It was start of camera position

Now we can run the application.

File à Build and Setting

Then you build the application and install in you mobile.

But, to develop this android application you need the sdk and the jdk that I have initialized on Edit à Preferences



You can develop this unity project using Google VR SDK for Unity.

On my era the latest version is 1.11000.

After that, you need to import Google VR SDK to your unity program. It will create Google VR on your program.


And go to prefabs and you will see GvrEditorEnvironment. Just drag it to the your hierarchy and put the GvrControllerMain on controller to your hierarchy.

Now you can run it. And you can move like in VR mode.